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GENERALS: World War 2

GENERALS: World War 2, is a competitive multiplayer real-time strategy ‘tug of war’ game, in which players vie to push back each other’s front lines and destroy the opposing player’s Base. Players do this by sending waves of miltary units in varying combinations to attempt to counter their opponent’s military units and thereby push the line of battle closer to the enemy buildings.

Game is designed to appeal to hardcore and competitive players, or those with a lot of experience playing games, especially competitive and complex ones that require serious thought and engagement. As such, the game is built around complex and deep mechanics that appeal to this demographic.


Depending on the strategies of the players in the game, the cards they use determine the momentum of the battle, giving the user an advantage or a disadvantage. Each card allows you to use a different military power. Depending on the course of the war, the right moves will bring you victories!


By dropping troops or tactics cards, players gain new troops and tactics to use in battles. In order to have higher-level troops and tactics, after meeting the requirements, you must level them up and start looking for new troops/tactics cards.


Battles are made 1vs1 or 2vs2 on different maps. Each player starts the game with buildings consisting of two bunkers and a base. The goal is to best manage your army and destroy the enemy's base or maximum number of bunkers. You have to battle and win to dominate the world!


After that player's military units are formed, they move towards the enemy base, clash with rival soldiers and form a battle line. To get a bigger battle line, units need to take outposts. The object of the game is to create combinations of military units that manage to push the battle line enough towards the opponent to allow their own units to destroy the enemy's buildings, especially the base.


Strategic use of tactics is the biggest factor in correctly countering the opponent's attacks and repelling and attacking back. Tactics produce a variety of effects that can turn the tide of a battle in favor of the players, such as destroying enemy soldiers or healing and reinforcing friendly soldiers. Tactics are also key to gaming fun, as they produce flashy, exciting effects that have a huge impact on gameplay and require skills and well used strategy. Troops and tactics cards are determined by the players before each battle according to their battle strategy.

Establish Your Strategy

Command Your Army

Win Victories!

Welcome to Season 2!

02.11.2023 14:54

As with all season resets, the current leaderboard has been frozen and the new season begins, with a new seasonal leaderboard. To celebrate the beginning of the new season we are introducing the following changes for you:

- Alliance wars - Participate together with your alliance member in wars against other alliances to win great rewards
- New card - a new rare card will be now...

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Beta version now live!

25.06.2023 07:16

General ready to battle?

Beta version now live! Download now, and start proving that you are the best General!

>> App Store Download

>> Google Play Download

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About Launch Dates

09.06.2023 20:53

Çok yakında, oyunun açılış tarihiyle ilgili detaylı bilgileri sizlerle paylaşıyor olacağız.

- Dünyanın dört bir yanından gerçek oyunculara karşı 1vs1 ve 2vs2 savaşlara katılın
- Birlik ve taktik kartlarının kilidini açın, kartları toplayın ve seviyelerini yükseltin
- Bir dizi birlik ve taktik kartlarının arasından rakibinize ve uygulayacağı...

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