Privacy Policy

On the one hand, Gamebrella Bilişim A.Ş. (Hereinafter, it will be referred to as Gamebrella) and the user whose Name-Surname-Address and other related information is provided electronically (hereinafter, it will be referred to as the USER.) The agreement regarding this Personal Data Protection and Information Processing Policy is electronically recorded from the environment.

Gamebrella collects personal information by obtaining the consent of the user in accordance with the laws in force in the Republic of Turkey, uses this information where necessary, transmits it to others and actively protects the rights of users in order to provide a better service to users (privacy of personal information policy).

Gamebrella complies with the privacy policies in force, primarily the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and other relevant laws. 'Personal Information Processing Policy' means that the regulations to be followed by Gamebrella protect the valuable personal information of its users.

This Personal Information Processing Policy applies to gaming services offered by Gamebrella and 'services provided by Gamebrella' refers to the above topic.

1. Gamebrella collects the following personal information from its users.

Gamebrella collects users' information in accordance with the following principles.

1) Gamebrella collects the minimum amount of information necessary to provide the service.

Gamebrella collects personal information as follows. This information is used with the consent of the user, and when additional personal information is requested, the company informs the user about the situation and first obtains the user's consent.

When the user uses the game service

The Company collects and uses the following personal information when the user uses the game on the Generals: World War 2 Game Service (

- Information collected during registration

1) Required information: Login ID

- Information collected during the use of the service: company, attendance at the event, fax, phone call, email, written letter, delivery of a partner company and via customer center, email address, mobile phone number.

- Information automatically collected during service use: account and game progress data, chat data, IP address, PC information (for example, CPU type, RAM, graphics card type, graphics card RAM), cookies, web browser information, general location datas, game data and data on interaction with other users during service use, advertising ID, data necessary to check payment records, game screenshots (if game client error occurs)

2) Gamebrella does not collect sensitive information.

Gamebrella does not collect sensitive information that would violate users' human rights (race, ideology, principle, political aptitude or criminal record, medical information, etc.), but if the company is bound to collect such information as required by laws and regulations, it must first obtain permission from users.

2. For what purpose does Gamebrella use personal information?

Gamebrella uses your valuable personal information only for the following purposes and first asks for the user's consent if the purposes are changed.

1) It is used to identify the user, confirm the purpose of joining or to prevent unauthorized use of a bad member.

2) It is used to provide various Gamebrella services to users and to process users' requests and complaints about the service and make announcements.

3) It is used to provide the promised service to the user and perform the payment process when the purchase and paid services are realized.

4) Used to deliver information or notify about an in-game event

5) It is used to provide special services based on the user's service usage history, access frequency analysis and service usage statistics for the improvement of services.

6) To use for commercial purposes in line with Gamebrella interests and policies.

7) Manage Application/Application.

3. How long will Gamebrella use personal information?

In accordance with KVKK, your personal data processed for the purposes specified in this contract, KVKK art. The personal information of the user is destroyed without delay when the purpose that requires processing according to 7/f.1. ceases to exist, when the User withdraws his consent for the collection or use of personal information, requests the cancellation of his membership, or if there is no need to collect and use information.(Attention: By the User. When the membership information is requested to be deleted, the service contract will be deemed to have been canceled by the user, and as a result, you will not be able to log in to your account and use the relevant services after the deletion.)

However, the personal identification value (CI) of the user's personal information is kept in a separate storage unit for 3 months to prevent abuse and confusion of the service. The Company will keep personal information for 3 months in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, only to present it to the courts of the Republic of Turkey, law enforcement and relevant units.

4. In order to provide the promised service to the user, the company handles the task of using personal information as follows.

'Sharing Personal Information with External Resources' is Gamebrella's having third parties do some work necessary to provide various services.

Gamebrella manages and directs the company used to ensure that the Personal Information Protection Act is not violated.

5. Gamebrella may share personal information with third parties to provide a wider variety of services such as:

The user accepts and undertakes to share personal information with companies that are Gamebrella subsidiaries or affiliates of Gamebrella, and this sharing is an exception to the prohibition of information sharing with third parties.

'Sharing personal information with a third party' is not necessary to provide the main service, but with a third party to provide various services to users and improve service quality, etc. to share personal information.

Gamebrella may share the user's personal information with third parties for reasons necessary to provide the Service. In this case, the company has to obtain the consent of the user in accordance with the laws and regulations, and the information can only be used for the purpose of using the personal information specified separately and will only be used limited to the information presented and during the usage period.

But the following situations are exceptions.

1) The information is important for the delivery of various services promised to the user, but which are difficult for Gamebrella to perform due to economic or technical reasons.

2) The information is necessary to fulfill the terms of service.

3) Courts of the Republic of Turkey, Law Enforcement Forces etc. country authorities, such as the application of the user's personal information in accordance with laws and regulations.

6. How does Gamebrella destroy the personal information it collects from users?

Gamebrella promises to delete user information without delay once the 'purpose for collecting and using personal information' has been accomplished.

However, in case of cancellation of membership or withdrawal of consent, the personal identification value (CI) of the user's personal information is stored in a separate storage unit for 3 months. It is kept for a certain period of time in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations before it is destroyed. Personal information stored there separately is never used for anything other than resolving complaints and disputes and complying with the law. When the retention period expires, the company completely deletes the information using a technological method that ensures that the information cannot be retrieved. And the information printed on the paper is destroyed with the help of a shredder or by burning.

7. Gamebrella- protects the rights of its underage users based on the age restrictions set by the laws of each country.

Gamebrella protects the rights of its users as follows:

1) The user can see and change his personal information whenever he wants. To view / change personal information, 'Change Member Information' or 'Service Center' can be used directly after the user identity confirmation process.

2) You can withdraw your consent to provide personal information or request cancellation of membership at any time.

3) Gamebrella guarantees the rights of its minor users and legal guardians. However, it is assumed that they have obtained the consent of their legal guardians if they accept the terms and conditions of use of their minor, underage users and sign up for membership.

4) In order to provide correct personal information, the user's personal information is not used until the changes are completed. In addition, if the information has already been given to a third party, we will notify that person of any changes without delay.

8. Cookies are installed and working, users may not use them.

1) What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file sent to the user's browser by the server running the website and is stored on your computer.

2) Why does Gamebrella use Cookies?

Gamebrella users preferred settings etc. It uses Cookies to store and this provides a faster internet environment and improves the service provided to the user. This enables users to benefit from the game service better.

Gamebrella analyzes the frequency of visits to various services, the duration of visits, the level of participation in various events, the number of visits, etc., in order to understand the preferences and interests of the user. Accordingly, the company offers special services and advertisements to individuals.

3) What if the User refuses to collect Cookies?

The installation of cookies is subject to the user's choice. As a result, the user can allow all Cookies or specifically allow each Cookies or refuse to save all Cookies by setting the options in the web browser. However, if the user refuses to install Cookies, web use will not be comfortable and may experience difficulties in using some services that require login.

Setting Examples

For Chrome: From the Settings menu on the right of the web browser > advanced options at the bottom of the screen > Content options button for privacy > Cookies

For Internet Explorer: From the Settings menu at the top of the web browser > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings

9. To protect the valuable personal information of the user, we do the following.

Gamebrella attaches great importance to the user's personal information and does the following regarding your personal information:

1) We encrypt your personal information.

Gamebrella transmits the user's personal information using the encrypted communication section and password etc. encrypts important information such as

2) We protect your personal information against hacking and computer viruses.

Gamebrella installs its system in a controlled place that is closed to outside access, so that your personal information is safe from hacking, computer viruses and similar problems. We have set up a 24/7 monitoring system to detect and keep away unwanted people like hackers. We are also constantly researching and implementing new security technologies.

3) We minimize the number of people who have access to your valuable personal information.

Gamebrella minimizes the number of employees who have access to your personal information and reduces the chance of your personal information leaking by blocking external internet access on business computers. In addition, we have developed systematic standards for the formation and change of passwords for the database that stores your personal information and the system that processes personal information, and we conduct continuous audits.

4) Employees are regularly trained to protect users' personal information. Training and studies on the security of personal information are carried out regularly for employees who have access to personal information.

10. We appoint an employee responsible for the protection of personal information.

Gamebrella appoints a responsible employee to protect your personal information and to deal with all questions and complaints. Please contact us at any time, we will reply you quickly and in detail.

11. Other Additional Policies

If any additions, removals or changes are made to the above information, Gamebrella will notify users via its official web page.

12. Account Deletion If you request the deletion of your account and all your related data, you must inform us via e-mail to [email protected]

- Privacy Policy version number: 1.0

- Privacy policy apply date: 20.02.2023