GENERALS: World War 2 is a competitive multiplayer real-time military strategy game in which players compete to push back each other's front lines and destroy the opposing player's Base. Players try to bring the battle line closer to enemy buildings by sending waves of troops in various combinations to try to counter the opponent's strategy with cards.
No. GENERALS: World War 2 is a free game that you can download and start playing.

You can make in-app purchases that can speed up your progress.
1. The short in-game tutorial will give you all the basics you need to play the game. It's up to you to choose your strategy and lead your troops to victory.

2. Within the game, you must decide which cards you want to use in your deck and then engage in battles to compete against other players, climb ranks and unlock new cards.
Question: Why should I use the web shop instead of the in-game shop?
Answer: You can buy anything in the web shop with 50% discount on your first purchase and 10% discount on all following purchases.

Question: Do I need to log in with my player account or share my data to enter the web shop?
Answer: No, for the login you only have to put in your Player ID. No email or password is required.

Question: How do I find my Player ID?
Answer: You can see the process HERE.

Question: How do I pay in the web shop?
Answer: There are several options to choose from. You can pay directly through a credit/debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Question: Is it safe to make a transaction through the web shop?
Answer: All transactions made through the web shop are 100% secure and handled by PayBy.Me, one of the leading global payment providers. All card data is entered in a window at PayBy.Me side and we do NOT receive or keep any sensitive information about your payments. PayBy.Me is used by hundreds of developers and stores while carefully protecting any confidential information.

Question: How long does it take for the purchases to be available in the game and where to find them?
Answer: All purchases made through the web shop appear immediately in the game. You can claim them through a message in your game inbox.

Question: Can I buy something for a friend?
Answer: Yes, all you need is to log in with their Player ID and all the purchases will be received in their inbox.

Question: What do I do in case I have a problem with my payment or want to request a refund?
Answer: You can contact with our support department for all technical and payments problems by sending e-mail to [email protected] or creating a support ticket by clicking HERE.

In order to resolve the issue faster you should provide:

Your Player ID;
Description of the purchased package;
Screenshot of the received error or a receipt of the transaction for the package that was not received.
Last 4 digits of the credit card you made the payment.
Players can have up to 8 Tactics and 4 Troop cards per deck. To equip a card, you need to select the card from the "Available Tactics" or "Reserve Troops" sections in the Army tab, then press USE and select the card you want to replace or an empty space in your deck. Click here to find out which card decks are the best for each level.
After completing the tutorial, you can go directly to a game by pressing the "Battle" button on the main screen/tab ("Camp" tab).
Each player has 2 Bunkers and a Base on the battlefield. The objective of the game is to destroy the opposing players bunkers and base while protecting your own bunkers and base.
Medals are awarded to players who destroy a bunker. A game in which 1 bunker is destroyed gives you 1 medal, a game where 2 enemy bunkers are destroyed will give you 2 medals, while a victory in which you destroy the enemy base will give you 5 medals.
Victory points (VP) show your progress in the game. Points you gain/lose after a battle. You will also lose points in case of a draw.
The VP you gain/lose depends on your opponent's skill.
Victory points are what you need to accumulate to climb levels and unlock more cards.
To upgrade a card, you must first collect the required gold and the required amount of cards for the next level. You can then upgrade a card by selecting it and clicking the "UPGRADE" button.
After your first game you may want to try different cards/deck setups to find the strategy that best suits your style. Engage in more battles to win chests and keep collecting cards and gold to upgrade your deck.
Military Post points are buildings in the middle of the battlefield that can be occupied by neutral and specific troops. After being occupied, they expand the tactical zone (the area where tactics can be used).
You can create a support ticket from Support Ticket section on our website or contact our support team at [email protected].
Each player can change their name in the game as many times as they want, but they must pay a certain amount of gold, which increases with each change.
There is currently no way for players to change their flag on their own.
Check your internet connection. We recommend players to use mobile data instead of WI-FI.

Please note that some older devices with older operating systems may have an impact on the game's performance. Try updating your device to the latest operating system.

Try reinstalling the application.

If you often see a red WI-FI signal, there is probably a problem with your internet connection.
Try closing and reopening the app. If you return to the game in time, the battle will continue from where it left off.
Check your internet connection. We recommend players to use mobile data instead of WI-FI.

Please note that some older devices with older operating systems may have an impact on the game's performance. Try updating your device to the latest operating system.

If you are disconnected in the middle of a battle, you can still go back and end the battle.
To ensure balanced gameplay, all player levels and cards are changed to level 8 in challenges. Regardless of player level in a normal battle, if you participate in a challenge, each opponent's own level and cards will be changed to level 8.
Alliances automatically enter war with another alliance close to their skill. If you've been matched with alliances that don't suit you, prepare for the next one. In your next battles, you will probably be matched with opponents very close to you.
Currently, there is no matchmaking option to play two alliances against each other. The process is automatic.
If you have lost your progress or accidentally created a new profile, you can contact our support team.

At the end of each season, Season Reset reduces players' VP to a certain number based on their Victory Points. Players' cards and ops points are preserved, and the new season starts again with the leaderboard reset.
After reaching the required player level, players can choose to join/create an Alliance. Alliances are groups of players who share specific goals and benefits. Alliances have their own screen in the game menu.
Being part of an Alliance has many advantages. Members of an alliance can exchange cards among themselves. Players in an alliance can also fight among themselves and share strategies and tactics.

Alliances also have the opportunity to compete against other alliances in "Alliance Wars". The battles they participated in during the war are very important. After the battle is over, the winning alliance can receive a reward.
Alliances compete against each other based on Alliance scores on the Global and Country leaderboards. Alliances also participate in "Alliance Wars" where they compete with another Alliance with close combat skills to win great rewards, both individually and collectively.
Alliance point is a value derived from alliance members' Victory Points and is used to rank alliances on the alliance leaderboard. Alliance points are calculated using a weighted total that encourages 10-20 players to group together without putting pressure on the alliance to maximize its membership. The weights are shown in the table below. By weighting stats in this way, we also increase the score of new alliances quickly and encourage new alliances with rapid growth.

Rank in Alliance - What % of own Victory Points contribute to Alliance Points

1-10 45%
11-20 25%
21-30 15%
31-40 10%
41-50 5%
1. Alliance Wars - Alliances automatically go to war with another alliance close to their skill.
During the battle, each War Tag earned in a normal battle counts towards the current battle points of the alliances. The alliance that collects more War Tags wins the war. The time that Alliances can collect their War Tag is 48 hours.

At the end of the war, members of the victorious alliance have 24 hours to claim their rewards. The losing alliance gets nothing. In the event of a tie, both alliances exit the battle without receiving any rewards.

2. Alliance Cup - Direct double elimination tournament of 32 participating alliances. The alliance that wins each battle advances to the next round, while the losing alliance goes to the Losers Group. If an alliance loses in both groups, it will be automatically removed from the Alliance Cup.
Alliances are unlocked when a player reaches level 3. Once a player reaches level 3, they can access the alliance menu at the bottom of the screen. There they can navigate between existing alliances or choose to create their own.

Players can then choose the name of their new alliance, type of recruiting, joining requirements, Location and other settings. After all the settings are complete, players will have to pay a small price of 1000 gold to form their new alliance.
To invite a player to an alliance, you need to access that player's profile. If this player is not already part of an alliance, an "Invite Alliance" button will appear at the top of the screen, just below the Level. Pressing this button will send the player an invitation that they can accept/reject.
The name of the alliance cannot be changed after it is created.
Access the alliance menu - then go to the "Statistics" tab - press "More" to expand the menu - several options will appear - select "Leave".