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Expeditions and Card Benefits are new interconnected modules. Players send their cards on expeditions to earn new types of resources - paper, coal, ammo, metal, scraps - that allow them to unlock slots on their cards, and they can put upgrades (perks) on one of them that give additional bonuses.
Each card has up to two slots that can be upgraded to match four different rarity benefits. These slots can be upgraded by breaking unused perks and using Scraps that can be obtained from the shop/exploration expeditions.
Perks are divided into 4 rarities, where each rarity determines the upgrades a perk can have.
Benefits can have up to 4 stats. There is a Main Status here and 3 additional Statuses that are unlocked as the player upgrades (at levels 5, 10 and 20). Stats can be useful on different cards depending on the stats they get.

Advantage Types
a) Destruction
General Damage, Area Damage, Incinerate Damage, Border Damage, Machine Gun Damage
b) demolition
Building Damage, Area Building Damage, Combustion Building Damage, Flamethrower Damage
c) debris
Vehicle Damage, Area Vehicle Damage, Combustion Vehicle Damage, Hand Grenade Vehicle Damage
d) Vitality
Health, Vehicle Health
e) Repair
Building Repair, Vehicle Repair
f) Improvement
Troop Health Healing
g) Anger
Damage Bonus
h) Resistance
Damage Reduction, Building Damage Reduction, Vehicle Damage Reduction
i) Protection
Troop Armor Bonus
j) Absorption
Troop Damage Absorption
k) Speed
Bonus Speed Boost
l) Shredding
128mm Building Damage, 128mm Vehicle Damage