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The core gameplay takes place in individual matches between two players face-to-face.

The core game cycle can be described as:
Get Supplies > Spawn Troops > Deploy Tactics >...

Both players start the game with buildings consisting of two shelters and a base. The bunkers serve to slow down the enemy advance, and the base produces soldiers and is equipped with artillery to fend off attackers in a last-ditch effort to repel enemy fighters.

Players use resources to create troops and implement tactics. Resources are automatically filled in a certain time. After spawning, each player's soldiers move towards the enemy base on their own, clash with rival soldiers and form a battle line. To get a bigger battle line, units need to take outposts. The object of the game is to create military combos that manage to push the battle line enough towards the opponent to allow their own soldiers to destroy the enemy's buildings, especially the base. In order to stop the advance of the enemy, the battle line should be kept as far from the main base as possible.

While it is possible to defeat an opponent by correctly countering his troop composition, the biggest factor in gaining and holding momentum is the strategic use of tactics. Tactics produce a variety of effects that can turn the tide of a battle in favor of their users, such as destroying enemy soldiers or healing or reinforcing friendly soldiers. Tactics are also key to gaming fun, as they produce flashy, exciting effects that have a huge impact on gameplay and require skill and strategy to use well. They also provide an important element of customization, as players assemble decks themselves and can therefore create game strategies around deck composition. Tactics cost one to seven resources.