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GENERALS: World War 2's gameplay revolves around earning reward chests containing cards (troops or tactics) used to build decks and upgrade tactics and units/troops. It can be summarized as:

...Play Matches > Win Chests > Wait for Chest Timer > Get Rewards > Upgrade Cards...

Winning a match awards the player a prize chest that fills one of the four chest slots. Chests contain rewards. These are primarily cards, but can also include currencies such as gold and diamonds. There are multiple types of reward chests, and the amount of rewards for each type of chest varies. Winning a match when all chest slots are full does not earn chests.

Chests can be opened one by one and each chest has a timer that changes according to the chest type. The player must wait this time before opening the chest or they can use in-game currency to open any chest immediately. The amount of money required depends on the time remaining in the chest timer.