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A card is a collectible troop or tactic that forms part of each player's strength. Every troop and tactic in the game appears in the form of cards, and the double cards obtained as a reward turn into experience points that go towards leveling up that card. The maximum level of cards is 30. Cards can be purchased from chests or in the shop.

A deck is a set of cards that players use in a match. Each deck is built before matches begin, using cards owned by the player.

A deck consists of four troops and eight tactics.

Players can store 3 decks at the same time to switch between them. Deck building provides basic customization that allows players to define their own playstyle while also encouraging them to play more matches and earn chests equivalent to decks of cards.

Primary rewards from chests come in the form of cards containing troops and tactics.

By dropping that troop or tactic card, a player gains new troops and tactics to use in each match. Players start the game with a certain selected deck of troops and tactics. Troops and tactics have levels that require boosting multiple copies of the card. Higher level troops and tactics have better stats and leveling them up is beneficial for the player. This encourages players to keep playing and earn more cards than they already have, as well as new cards.

Once a player has enough copies of a card to level up, they can pay a gold fee to level up the card by one.

Leveling up a card permanently grants its own experience points to the player's account. Reaching certain experience point thresholds will raise the player's level, increase their bunker and home base status, and give the player a skill point that they can spend on Account Level upgrades. This adds value to level-up cards, even if the player doesn't use them in their deck.

Cards can reach a maximum of level 30 (level 35 with additional offer bonus level +3 and additional bonus +2 from the card of the day)
Account level can reach up to 30 levels, where players earn 1 skill point for each level up, which they can then spend on a skill tree that gives them bonuses. The skill tree can be accessed when a player clicks on their account from the Camp screen.