Game Guide

Alliances > Alliance Creation

Users can choose to create their own Alliance instead of joining a pre-existing Alliance.

If the player is not currently in an Alliance, this option is always displayed as a button in the second tab called "Create Alliance" next to the Browse Tab.

Tapping the Create Alliance button takes the player to a screen where they can create their own alliance.


The screen includes:

A text input box for the Alliance Name

A [Icon] button that creates a popup displaying all available Alliance icons

New Member Opening Options dropdown (labeled "Participation", public, private, closed, etc.)

Minimum Tier requirement dropdown

Selecting the Alliance Location takes users to a popup listing the available provinces in alphabetical order.

Available regions include supported countries

An Alliance Description text input box (100 character limit and screen showing progress towards that limit)

A [Create Alliance] button with the gold cost requirement (1000 gold)

The button is grayed out if information is missing or the player does not have enough gold