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Alliances have built-in player ratings:

Leader: Alliance president with full authority over alliance options. After forming an Alliance, the founder attains the rank of Leader and only one person can hold that rank at a time.

The leader can:

- you can kick players of any level from the alliance at any time,

- can recruit new members,

- promote or demote any member (including themselves);

- send an Alliance-wide Mail message to all members,

- Can edit Alliance Options.

To demote them, the Leader must promote another member as Leader in their place.

Moderator: A subordinate rank of Leader with all the perks of the Leader except the ability to kick the Leader or other Moderators from the Alliance and the option to apply for a Leader.

Senior: One rank above the Basic Member. Seniors are allowed to Apply for Leadership.

Member: The default rank for members of an Alliance. A player reaches this rank after joining an Alliance.


Players can initiate a vote to replace the alliance leader, there are two conditions that players must meet in order to be nominated for a leader - they must have been in the alliance for at least a month and have the rank of Veteran or Moderator. In addition, players who can vote must be part of the alliance for at least two weeks.