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Alliance base is a module used to increase the alliance statistics of the players in exchange for some gold. It works similarly to a personal player base. Alliance stats are included in players' own personal stats, making their units stronger. Upgrading alliance stats requires gold that players can donate to different stats, alliance leader can queue research after all gold is collected. Players can donate Gems to shorten research upgrade time.

The alliance base screen also has a leaderboard that displays member donations and can be sorted by gold or gems.


Features List

Search for specific Alliance

Create new Alliance (with gold currency cost)

Alliance ranks (Leader, Moderator, Senior, Member)

New Member Restrictions (Open, Private, Closed Alliances)

New Member Rank Restrictions

Intra-alliance chat

Alliance Leaderboards/Alliance points

Level(Player must be Level 3 to join an Alliance)


Card Donations

Sharing Replays

Friendship Wars

Alliance Events (Alliance Box, Alliance Wars)

European War

Alliance Base