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Operations are a separate progression path that allows players to use extra powers only once per battle. Operations used will have a long cooldown before being used in another battle.

Operations are only available after the first minute and before the last minute of the game (one minute before the start of overtime). They cannot be used during the extension period.

Operations are unlocked with Operation points and upgraded with Operation points. Operation points are earned based on the number of medals obtained from matches won. Each medal grants one Operation point. At the end of the season, Operations are reset if the player is not in a prestige rank or based on the current prestige level the player is at, which will be reset at the end of the season.

There are two types of Operations: Player Operations and Alliance Operations.

Player Operations are organized into tiers with unlock requirements. The first tier of Operations is available as soon as the player reaches a certain level. Currently all Operations are unlocked and set to level 1 for players. Higher Order Operations are generally the more desirable.
Alliance Operations are not organized into tiers, there is only one Alliance Operation tier. Alliance Operations are unlocked at the same time as Rank 1 Player Operations.

Each Operation tier has at least 1 unlock condition. These conditions are defined rules that can change with the season reset. Only seasonal statistics are taken into account (eg the number of donations made since the season reset). The list of conditions is as follows:

Reach a certain level
Spend some Operation Points
Unlock a number of Operations from previous rank
Upgrade operations several times from previous level
donate a few cards

The cooldown of operations can be purchased with gold. Cooldown timers will vary by Operations, higher tier Operations have progressively longer cooldowns (and therefore more expensive to buy with gold). Cooldowns of Operations can be purchased once per activation. Each purchase reduces the cooldown to half the maximum cooldown. The purchase cost is similar to the price of opening a chest early and costs some depending on the time to be reduced. During the season reset, all Operations cooldowns are cleared.

Upgrading operations will logically increase their power. Each operation has a level (currently the maximum is level 5. Operations start from level 1 when opened). Players are eligible for rewards when all Operations in a tier are upgraded to max. Once all Clan Operations have reached the maximum, every existing member of the alliance can claim the reward. Players can claim only one alliance reward per season. Unclaimed rewards are forfeited on season resets.

Local Push Notifications are triggered when Operations cooldown expires and Operations are available again.

The goal is to give players a separate progression path where they can strive and add variety to battles.