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Prestige Ranks form a subset of the late game ranks. The aim is to encourage competition among end-stage talented players and provide them with additional motivation to play. This is an additional form of leaderboards where top players can compete for prizes and bragging rights.


There are three Prestige Grades, each divided into three levels (III, II and I). Just like normal levels, players progress through Prestige Ranks by earning Victory Points and exceeding the VP threshold of each Prestige Rank or rank.


At the end of each season, players are awarded a Prestige Chest containing gold and card rewards based on their current Prestige Ranking. Additionally, the gold that players earn from battle increases with each level.


At the end of each season, Season Reset is performed and players' VPs are set to a certain number according to their Prestige Tiers, as listed below.




Victory Points

War Prize

Chest Gold Award (SR)*

Chest Card Reward (SR)*



Yüzbaşı III1000540 gold200001501000 
Yüzbaşı II1100630 gold400003001000 
Yüzbaşı I1200960 gold650004501200 
Albay III15001350 gold1000006001500 
Albay II20001800 gold1500007502000 
Albay I25002310 gold3000009002500 
General III30002520 gold60000010502500 
General II40002730 gold90000012002500 
General I50002940 gold120000013502500 


*SR - Season Reset Chest (Prestige Box) for player's rank