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Players and their cards gain experience points that contribute to their overall level. Increasing the level of a card or player makes the player's cards and buildings stronger.


Card Experience


When a player takes a card they already own, this extra card is converted into an additional card experience point (card xp), which contributes to the increase of that card's card level. Each card has the required amount of card experience points that must be reached at each level in order to advance to the next level, depending on the rarity of the card.

All cards start at level 1 and can progress up to level 30 (35 with additional levels from +3 offers and +2 day's card).


Card Levels


When a card reaches the required card experience point to advance to the next level, its owner can pay gold (variable according to the card level) to advance the card one level. If the player chooses not to pay the gold price, the card will continue to accrue card experience points as normal, but will remain at its current level until the price is paid. Any extra card experience gained in this way is transferred to the card and contributes to the next level goal.

When a card levels up, certain stats (varies by card) are enhanced.


Player Experience and Levels

Each time a player advances a card's level, they gain player experience points (player xp) that contribute to the player's level advancement.

A player's player level governs the strength of their Base and Sanctuary building statistics. These buildings progress in strength in much the same way as other cards (by increasing their HP and damage stats).

Players also earn skill points for each level, which they can spend on a series of upgrades by clicking their level on the Camp screen. Upgrades affect general account bonuses, card stats, and homebase and shelter power.

The player starts at level 1 and can progress up to level 30.