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Buildings are structures and defenses that don’t move and generally have high health and special functions. Each player begins with two bunkers and a base, which are match objectives, and other buildings can enter play via tactics. 


The base serves as the player’s most important building in battle. Troops spawned enter play from the base, and the first player whose base is destroyed loses the game. The Base cannot be attacked before the two bunkers are destroyed. Bunkers and base should be destroyed in order (1st bunker -> 2nd bunker -> Base). This is in order to prevent players from deploying tactics and troops right in front of the base of other players. 


Bunkers serve to slow the advance of enemy troops by killing them and soaking damage. Troops and the lines of battle will generally not advance beyond an enemy bunker until that bunker has been destroyed. This buys time for players to build up proper lines of battle, or to re-establish lines of battle after they have been wiped out by the enemy, and stops the game from advancing too quickly. They are a check on the pacing of the game. 


Destroying a bunker earns the player a Medal. In the event that a match ends before a player loses a base, the game compares each player’s Medals, and the player with more wins the match, or the match is a draw if Medals are equal. Upon destroying all enemy buildings the player gets 5 medals in total, one medal for each bunker and 3 medals for the Base.



An outpost is a building with 4 troop spaces. Troops which can capture outposts can enter. When a player has troops in the outpost the line of tactic deployment becomes bigger.


Type: Building





Each bunker has a very high amount of HP and can fire attacks at a few different targets simultaneously.

Type: Building




Each base is equipped with two gunners that can each attack a few different targets simultaneously.



Type: Building