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Tactics are a central element of Generals: World War 2.
Within a match, players play tactics to turn the tide of war by killing enemy troops, assisting friendly troops, or performing other useful and useful actions. The timing of game tactics is key to gaining or blocking the momentum that is crucial to victory in a match.
Like troops, tactics use resources, and each tactic has a resource cost required to be played.
Tactics available to players at any time during a match are tactics drawn from their currently selected decks. Players hold up to three tactics during a match, and each time they play a tactic, they draw a backup tactic from their deck. When a tactic is used, it returns to the bottom of the player's deck and can be drawn again later in the match. The total number of tactics players can carry in their deck is 8, and once the tactic is used, it goes to the bottom of the list of played tactics and can be used when all other tactics have been flipped.