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2v2 Battles allow players to play in teams of 2 and together against 2 other players. Players use their own decks to enter the battle.


After the game is loaded and all 4 players are in the game, each player is shown their teammate's deck. This way both players will know which cards they have and it will be easier to play together.


Combat is a little different from a normal war. Players can see their allies' decks before they start. Resources are regenerated at 80% of normal speed. The health of the bunkers and the base is the average of both players on the team, plus a +50% bonus is added to this number.


Final Defense, Watchtower, Radio Tower, Rocket Defense cards can only be used under certain conditions. If both players have these cards in their deck and one of them plays, the card goes into cooldown for both players and acts as a community card. It can only be used by one person at a time to avoid imbalance.

When a player leaves without ending the battle, a bot is automatically assigned to that player.

Surrender only works if both players pressed the button. Every time a player clicks the surrender button, a small indicator appears next to the icon (+1). This indicates that your ally is willing to surrender.

Matching in 2vs2 works like this:

Quick Battle Matching

The player joins the Quick Battle. The average card level, basic bonuses and card advantages of the other 3 players who will enter the game are calculated and teams are matched accordingly.


Friendly Battle Matching