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In the tournament, players earn tournament points by opening Silver, Gold and Prestige boxes and earning gold from battles. Each box gives players a different amount of points:

Silver Box 100 points
Gold box 300 points
Prestige box 500 points

Every 1 gold earned from battles contributes to the player's total tournament point, because 1 gold earned counts as 1 tournament point.
To participate in the tournament, players must "register" in the Events -> Active Events tab and in the "Battle Tournament" box. The box gives players necessary information about how the tournament works, how long it takes to register, when the tournament ends and when the next tournament is. The box also shows players their current position in the tournament standings, where they compete against 30 other players for better prizes and placing in the top 3. The available rewards are as follows:

1st row 1 Sergeant box
2nd row 1 Corporal Box
3rd place 1 Expert Box
From 4th to 10th place 1000 gold
From 11th to 30th place 500 gold
Each player participating in the tournament receives a prize at the end. Rewards can be claimed through Events -> Active Events and the "Battle Tournament" box.