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The length of a match is four minutes. Matches end after four minutes have passed, with the victor being the player that has destroyed more Bunkers than their opponent. If both players have destroyed the same number of bunkers, the match enters a one minute sudden death overtime mode, in which the first player to destroy an opposing bunker or base wins. If, after one minute, the game is still not resolved, then it ends in a draw.

The pacing of the game is dictated primarily by starting supply, supply regeneration rate, and player momentum (soldier composition and use of tactics).

Players begin each match with five supply slots (e.g. ‘five supply’) out of a maximum of ten, leaving five empty slots. Each slot must ‘fill’ over time for the player to obtain that supply resource. A player, for example, may have ten slots with only two filled, and therefore has two supply and eight ‘empty’ slots. Spending the supply from a slot empties it and therefore requires that empty slot to refill. Slots refill at a set pace for both players, though may be modified by cards or other external factors. This is a big factor in gaining and maintaining momentum in a match.

Play can generally be described as going through several phases:

Early Game: The beginning of the game, wherein each player makes opening moves and the line of battle is first established.

Mid Game: Wherein the line of battle is well established, and players begin to experiment with varying soldier combinations to break the opposing line. Lines of battle may begin to reach players’ bunkers in this phase.

Late Game: After 3 minutes the end phase of the game begins, wherein one player has most likely firmly established momentum and final pushes toward winning the game take place.

End Game: After 4 minutes, the game will end in victory for the player with the most bunkers left. If both players have the same number of bunkers/bases, the game enters overtime. If, at any time, a player destroys an opposing base, that player wins the match immediately.

Overtime: If, after 4 minutes, the match would end in a draw, the game instead enters Overtime, adding one extra minute onto the game timer. Overtime is sudden death, meaning that the first player to destroy an opposing bunker or base wins the match immediately. If neither player destroys a bunker or base within the Overtime’s   1 minute, the match ends in a draw. Players get a speed boost in the beginning of the Overtime phase and it lasts until the end of the game.

Players have the option to surrender a game, which automatically awards the other player with 5 medals and a victory. Players have 3 surrenders per day.